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Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown is an award winning jeweller who explores the technique of drawing on enamel.

This unusual enamelling process involves simply drawing onto the surface of the enamel with a graphite pencil. Rachel has eliminated colour altogether, a bold move in an otherwise traditionally brightly coloured medium, she uses white enamel, exploring the colours that you can get when firing white enamel together with the various tonal shades of grey from the graphite.

The theme of her work is mark making, exploring repetitive patterns, lines and textures. Familiar shapes often appear but no two pieces of work are alike therefore making the jewellery unique one-off pieces.

graphite stencil enemaeled on a geometric sterling silver brooche by rachel brown
Long link pendant statemenet necklace with large graphite enameled statement by rachel brown
graphite circlesEnameled in a sterling silver round ring by rachel brown
spot and check graphite enameled in a round stud with red inner wall and oxidised silver by rachel brown
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