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Holly Suzanna Clifford

Holly, a graduate of the Birmingham School of Jewellery in 2016, initially set up her workshop in a versatile garden shed. Following a couple of years building up her business, she decided to relocate to Sheffield, where she now revels in creating in a spacious, warm studio at Yorkshire Artspace.

Holly's work is wearable art, with each new piece differing significantly from the last. Her distinctive pieces showcase vivid paintings encapsulated within layers of eco-resin, resulting in mesmerizing depth and vitality. She combines these elements with hand-worked silver, resulting in extraordinary creations for those seeking unique treasures.

Inspired by botanic gardens and their mesmerizing plant life, Holly draws inspiration from the otherworldly, ethereal quality of glasshouses. Her ideas stem from outside the jewelry realm, with influences from illustration, great painters such as Monet and Klimt, and old dioramic books.

Large gold Botanical hoop earrings by Holly Suzanna Clifford at Kate Hopwood Jewellery
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