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Our Story

Jewellery is more than just an accessory - its a reflection of our sense of self and the stories that shape our lives.

Showcasing a diverse range of established contemporary jewellers and exciting fresh talents. Each using different techniques and materials there is an amazing range of designs on show. From the use of different metals combined in the same piece, or standing alone, with different surface finishes, gemstones, resins or enamels there is something for every personal style.

Our Vision

Kate Hopwood Jewellery is committed to continuing to represent established and upcoming contemporary jewellery designers who create pieces that evoke emotion and inspire a sense of wonder in those who wear them. We aim to provide you with something fresh and exciting every time you visit.

From her onsite workshop Kate is passionate about the bespoke design process. Through talking and sharing design ideas Kate finds helping clients express their individuality and tell their unique stories an inspiring journey to take together.

Kate Hopwood's jewellery bench and anvil
Kate Hopwood in her Richmond Jewellery gallery

About Kate Hopwood

Born in London, Kate has always had a passion for making. She spent her childhood and teenage years working with ceramics, but it was during a work experience at secondary school that she discovered a passion for creating pieces to adorn the body. A BA in Jewellery, Silversmithing and Allied Crafts at London Metropolitan University taught her the techniques and way of thinking to develop initial ideas into finished pieces.


Working in a contemporary jewellery gallery gave her a love of interacting with customers to find a cherished piece for themselves, or a gift for a loved one. With a desire to provide an outlet for contemporary jewellery designers, and her own work, Kate founded Kate Hopwood Jewellery in 2011. Her gallery focuses on showing a diverse range of techniques, materials and styles.

Kate's passion for jewellery is rooted in the history of the craft, and the sentimental attachments placed on pieces. She finds the thought that many of the techniques used by modern jewellers have been around for thousands of years both humbling and exciting. The idea that a piece of jewellery could leave with a customer and become a treasured item for years, or generations, to come is truly a privilege.

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