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Nina Bukvic

Born and raised in Croatia, Nina moved to London where she studied Jewellery Design at Central St Martins College of Art & Design. Upon her graduation in 1998 she set up her studio in London where she still lives and works.

Her work has always had an innovative and fresh approach on traditional goldsmithing: "I challenge myself daily through experimenting with both materials and techniques, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved by fusing tradition with new discoveries."

Nina's love of textile methods is also evident in many of her creations which are carefully translated into metal through meticulous and unique techniques she has been perfecting over the years. The finest gold wires and chains are melted, fused and carefully hand-woven together with beautifully cut and naturally coloured diamond beads.

She tends to work in an intuitive, painterly manner, allowing her emotions to guide her through to the final design; "I am a maker at heart and love to use my hands. This is why I prefer traditional hand tools which allow me to create my work by hand. Each piece I make is an individual and unique one of a kind creation.."

Gold panel stud earrings on a white background by nina bukvic
line wired gold stud earrings on a white background by nina bukvic
ancient gold coin stud earrings on a white background made by nina bukvic
Gold wires formed into a mesh  with salt and pepper natural diamonds by Nina bukvic
Long drop earrings with 24ct gold wires and rings with diamond beads by nina bukvic
Yellow Diamond Chandelier Earrings by nina Bukvic
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