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Lode Bangles with Diamonds

Lode Bangles with Diamonds


This irregular shaped bangle is cast in sterling silver and then Ruth adds a strip of 18ct gold. The diamonds (2 on each side) add some sparkle and the soft matt finish accentuates the contrast between the metals. Available with an 18ct yellow or white gold line.


Dimensions of silver band - 2.7mm x 3.8mm

Inside circumference - 190mm
Stones - 1.3mm diameter

  • Pieces from these collections can be cleaned with mild washing-up liquid, water and a soft toothbrush. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water and dry. 


    Lightly tarnished pieces can be cleaned with a small amount of toothpaste on a brush before cleaning with washing up liquid as above.


    If pieces become very tarnished they can be dipped in silver dip following the manufacturers instructions after cleaning with mild washing-up liquid as above. Please remove earring backs before dipping and do not dip these. After silver-dipping please rinse thoroughly in clean, running water until you are sure all traces of the solution have been removed and dry. If not, pieces may tarnish quicker.


    All of the stones can be cleaned with mild washing-up liquid and a soft toothbrush then rinsed thoroughly in lukewarm water.

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