Tube Pendant with Smoky Quartz Beads

Tube Pendant with Smoky Quartz Beads


An enamelled copper tube with an abstract graphite and enamel pattern. It features oxidised silver stoppers at each end with an embossed  pattern. This pendant hangs from two oxidised silver links and smoky quartz beads. Available now.


Tube 74mm x 15mm

Necklace length - 17'' / 43cm

  • Enamel is powdered glass and therefore care must be taken when wearing and storing your jewellery. Do not knock against hard surfaces and keep your pieces in a box when not being worn.


    The metal part of your pieces can be cleaned with a silver cloth. Oxidised finishes may lighten as you wear your piece but can be reapplied. Please contact me with any questions.

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