Copper Brooch with Brass

Copper Brooch with Brass


Simple but effective copper brooch that would look great on a coat or jumper. Made from copper, white enamel and graphite and available with four different brass wire shapes. The graphite powder gives an abstact painterly effect which cannot be copied exactly everytime and as such each piece is unique - the brass wire shapes will vary slightly too. The pre assembled pin is securely glued on the reverse.


58mm x 46mm


Available with four patterns. Arch available now. Round, Oval and Double Arch available to order.


  • Enamel is powdered glass and therefore care must be taken when wearing and storing your jewellery. Do not knock against hard surfaces and keep your pieces in a box when not being worn.


    The metal part of your pieces can be cleaned with a silver cloth. Oxidised finishes may lighten as you wear your piece but can be reapplied. Please contact me with any questions.