Botanical Gemstone Shard Earrings with Small Spring Studs

Botanical Gemstone Shard Earrings with Small Spring Studs


Lightweight & elegant gemstone-like drop earrings, created from eco-resin* containing layers of hand painted botanically inspired scenes in shades of turquoise, greens & blues, dropping from solid silver geometric studs with organic, leafy details.


Stud approx - 9.5mm x 8mm

Drop approx - 41mm x 11mm

Total drop length - 54mm


*reduces greenhouse gas emissions and harmful byproducts by replacing some of the petroleum-based components with bio-based renewable materials and waste byproducts of other bio-refining processes.

  • Caring for eco-resin jewellery..

    - Avoid extreme heat or cold and do not leave in direct sunlight

    - Remove your jewellery whilst showering, washing up, swimming, sleeping and exercising

    - Chemicals such as cleaning products, hand sanitiser and perfumes can cause damage to resin. Do not use silver-dip solution to clean your jewellery if there is eco-resin in the piece!

    - Store in an air tight bag or box in a dry, dark, cool place

    - If scratching or cloudiness appear over time, a damp microfibre, chammy or silk cloth will polish your piece nicely.

    If you think your jewellery needs a more thourough clean up , please email me.