jane adam fold neckpieces.jpg

Jane Adam

To make up my jewellery I cut pieces from the dyed and sealed aluminium sheets, each time selecting areas which interest me, to ensure variety from piece to piece.


I then compress them in the rolling mills, often introducing texture and marks with paper or with various tapes. This causes the anodic film to craze and break, revealing fine lines of the silvery metal beneath to give a shimmery, iridescent effect. At the same time, interesting forms may be created by the stretching and deformation of the metal. This approach gives the work an organic quality, which relates to the way that natural forms change as they grow.


Anodised aluminium cannot be soldered so conventional jeweller’s techniques of assembling a piece cannot always be used. I enjoy the way this forces me to find creative solutions when making my jewellery. Wires and findings in silver or stainless steel, whether riveted, held in tension or stitched through the aluminium, become a visible and integral part of the design.